Launching Shuttles
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Launching Shuttles  


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15/06/2017 6:23 pm  

I was wondering what I was missing...Deuterium can only be found in the second colony, and launching shuttles can be done from the 3rd and 4th colonies.  Since it is required in order to launch, how can it be done?  I cannot transfer it to my other colonies.  Is it located somewhere on the map in the 3rd and 4th colonies and I just haven't seen it?  Thanks!!

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15/06/2017 7:11 pm  

Hello! I think we may have answered your question via email, but I will add our response here as well in case anyone else is looking for a solution. 🙂

You can ship resources between your colonies from the Planet View screen. Tap the icon showing two arrows near the top of the screen, and you'll be able to indicate how many of each type of resource you'd like to ship. Once you've confirmed your shipment, you will be able to choose between a safe route, which will take longer, or a more dangerous route that will arrive sooner but has a chance to be lost. 

We have also received reports that there are issues with shipping, and will have someone look into it ASAP.